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Tabata Song Mixes:
Tabata Eye of the Tiger.mp3 - by Beach-Fitness - 3/6/2012
Tabata Intervals - Dellish 3.mp3 - by Damien Del Russo
A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario.mp3 - by Andrew Bueno
Linkin Park - H! Vltg3.mp3 - by Andrew Bueno
Souls of Mischief - 93 Till Infinity.mp3 - by Andrew Bueno
Weezer - Buddy Holly.mp3 - by Andrew Bueno
TabataThis!.mp3 (Track List) - by Allan Luomala
Tabata Something Else (Rap Version).mp3 - by Tim Donahey
Fort Minor,Beastie,Rage,Outcast.mp3 - by Tim Donahey
JRalph,Ezra,Gorillaz,Gnarls Barkley.mp3 - by Tim Donahey
Rocky Tabatas.mp3 - by Tim Donahey
Rocky Tabatas 2.mp3 - by Tim Donahey
Kanye_OkGo_Rapture_Cake.mp3 - by Tim Donahey
HOP_DJ_Kool_Onyx_Eminem.mp3 - by Tim Donahey
Tabata Something Else Mix.mp3 - by Michael Salewski
Tabata 8 Rounds - Here I Come.mp3 - by Sean F.

Helpful Tabata Information:

Someone mind explaining to me what exactly tabata is?

"Tabata refers to the format of the workout. You do 20 seconds of any very high intensity workout, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Do this 8 times for 4 minutes in total. That's tabata! It's great because you can customise it a great deal and make it more interesting."

What exercises do you do with Tabata?

"Things like burpees, squat jumps, pull ups, a shadow boxing routine I have, power cleans, push ups, sit ups, sprints, skipping... anything. I just like to mix it up rather than do the one activity. As long as the activity leaves you exhausted when I do it for a short period of time, you can't do light activities, need something that will really get your heart rate pumping."

What's Tabata? (from the CrossFit FAQ at

For twenty seconds do as many reps of the assigned exercise as you can - then rest 10 seconds. Repeat this seven more times for a total of 8 intervals, 4 minutes total exercise. The score is the least number of reps for any of the eight intervals.

Explain Tabata This (from the CrossFit FAQ at

Tabata Intervals ( 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times) is applied in turn to the Squat, Rower, Pullups, Sit-ups, and Push-ups with a one minute rotation break between exercises. Each exercise is scored by the weakest number of reps (calories on the rower) in each of the eight intervals. During the one minute rotation time allowed the clock is not stopped but kept running. The score is the total of the scores from the five stations.

Some performance insights and a scoring example from Mark Twight:
  1. Lying down between exercises lowers HR faster than standing, sitting or walking, indicating better recovery in the short 60 second rest.
  2. Alternating upright exercise (squat, pull-up) with prone or seated exercises produces lower heart rates, and allows greater overall level of work
  3. Rowing first reduces reps on all other exercises
  4. Rowing reps are not seriously affected if done last
  5. Improvement happens really fast when the workout is done consistently (bimonthly).
  6. High number of reps may be maintained for greater number of sets as fitness improves. Rep totals do not necessarily improve per set, but now I can do 6 sets of 7 pull-ups rather than doing 11, 8, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, etc. which suggests that local area endurance and lactic acid tolerance improve with this protocol.
Scoring Example:
A total score of 53 (Excellent score, BTW) is determined by adding up the lowest number of reps in any set of each exercise.
18 squats
4 pull-up
6 push-up
13 sit-up
12 row (use the calorie counter and call each calorie a rep)
This score is a 53

Tabata Research

The Tabata is named after Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., a former researcher at Japan's National Institute of Fitness and Sports. He performed a study with rats comparing high-intensity intermittent exercise training (HIT) with low-intensity prolonged exercise training (LIT). For 8 days, two different groups of rats performed the following:

The HIT group: 14 tabata rounds (20-s on, 10-s off) of high-intensity swimming.
(Total work time: 280 s, not including the rests.)

The LIT group: Two 3-h bouts, separated by 45 min of rest, of low-intensity swimming.
(Total work time: 6 h, not including the rest.)

"In conclusion, the present investigation demonstrated that 8 days of HIT lasting only 280 s elevated both GLUT-4 content and maximal glucose transport activity in rat skeletal muscle to a level similar to that attained after LIT, which has been considered a tool to increase GLUT-4 content maximally." - Dr. Tabata

The Complete Scientific Paper written by Izumi Tabata and his research team:
Effects of high-intensity swimming training on GLUT-4 and glucose transport activity in rat skeletal muscle

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Marilyn: (12:24pm - October 16, 2016)
This is the only tabata app I like. I wish it were available for my android phone.

Henrik: (5:34am - June 03, 2016)
Why do i have the obtion "full screen" on one PC and not on another?

crownbk: (10:22am - March 09, 2016)
Hi, i need this working on my iPod touch at the same time music is can i make it happen? thanks!

francis: (2:00am - December 19, 2015)
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will: (8:46pm - July 27, 2015)
great for stop and go fapping :)

lita: (1:21pm - May 21, 2015)
i like it the timer

pordip sutar: (8:34pm - March 23, 2015)
Tabata exscis bawnlod

Johana Luna: (10:59pm - January 10, 2015)
How to download it to use it offline?

Anurag: (7:32am - November 07, 2014)
The new Tabata This clock does not allow you to set the time for rest between sets.

Raj kumar: (5:25pm - June 20, 2014)
how can l use this on off-line mode

Cindy Ball: (1:28pm - February 03, 2014)
I use a samsung pad so I can't "right" click. How can I download for off-line use.

Addie: (8:45am - January 01, 2014)
great timer !

andy: (8:33pm - December 15, 2013)
thank you so much! needed a massive clock/timer so i can see my laptop from far!

erbsz gil: (4:39am - November 24, 2013)
great tabata timer !!!

Kazz: (6:18am - November 18, 2013)
Great app, Thanks,
Those who want to use it offline can use Flash Player Pro Portable. Down load from

elio: (4:21am - October 29, 2013)
i heard the cougar at the end and... is the finishing that i need.
good work, keep it like that

Ivana: (12:59pm - October 22, 2013)
Amazing tool! Loved it :D

Juan O.: (1:48pm - October 07, 2013)
Thanks needed this, I was using a youtube timer before. Love the sfx and the winning cougar growl!

tabata: (11:43pm - September 22, 2013)
i made another variation of the tabata countdown mp3.

Tomas Bystron: (9:09am - September 14, 2013)
Tabata is great! I try to do it with some of my clients a they literally hate it but love it as its so tough. I've got amazing results with that. Thanks

aadith: (6:03am - September 14, 2013)
great site...perfection achieved

gilles: (10:22am - August 27, 2013)
im trying to train in basketball and your program is good, except i need to hear every second counted out-loud to keep track of my shortest times

Ostin: (3:35am - August 20, 2013)
it's perfect but remove a puma

Pawe%u0142: (5:01am - June 20, 2013)

Randy: (5:50pm - June 10, 2013)
I've been using this for over a year. The best I can find. I now use it for kettlebell training. Great combination.

Mike: (12:18am - June 04, 2013)
I do tabata for 2 months now and improvement is visible. To motivate myself when i train i listen to this :

Bryan McGann: (4:24pm - May 27, 2013)
Tabata's are great and provide extremely fast improvement in performance and weight loss. I have been doing Tabata like exercises for a couple years, have lost 60 pounds (am 54) and when the youngsters want to come and workout with me, they have a hard time staying with it. Try it it works awesomely!!!

Heath: (6:20pm - May 26, 2013)
I have been using this for almost 2 years now , with great results...have lost 50 lbs of fat and put on 20 lbs of muscle

Nicklas: (8:45am - May 24, 2013)
Use this almost everyday when i do exercises at my six-pack shortcuts program. So useful!

Alexander: (2:28am - May 16, 2013)
I use this for the couch-to-5k jogging/walking program. It's so incredibly useful!

Nicole: (7:32pm - May 03, 2013)
Loving tabata workout.. any advice ther for endomorph teen female on how many times to do tabata in one day to lose weight

Greg: (7:00pm - May 01, 2013)
I really like your timer - can I use it on my website (with a reference to your site, of course!)

McFlabberson: (3:29am - April 16, 2013)
That cougar inspires me to be my courageous best and reach for the stars.

Norbert: (9:48pm - April 09, 2013)
Love this site. Thank you!

been: (11:31pm - February 20, 2013)
thank u so much! Love!

nathan: (2:27pm - February 19, 2013)
wooo, is it bad if i set it to 30 secs a round, 5 secs rest between each and did it for 28 rounds doing mixed ab that bad for me XD as i feel like jelly

Marta: (4:20am - February 16, 2013)
The best part of Tabata is watching Tabata Workout Videos under the clock :D always after training

Peter: (4:27pm - February 09, 2013)
Really great website! I've been using this for years for my home workout. Any chance of getting volume adjustment ability? WHen I'm cranking iTunes at the same time that bell gets SUPER LOUD! Also, I'd pay for an App of this if you all develop one. Thanks so much!!!

Andy: (6:06pm - January 26, 2013)
Anyone found a way to use this offline? As the file still says it can't find the associated program

Diogo: (9:05am - January 17, 2013)
oh meh this is awesome i had this in my phone nc couldnt remembr the name, nd now i just did xD i always do "tabata this" its great ! btw gratz for the "tabata song mixes" its cool ! :D

Vance: (9:58am - January 10, 2013)
I like you!! :))

Oscar : (9:10am - December 18, 2012)
Por fin encontre esta herramienta gracias me ayudara mucho en los entrenamientos que estoy comenzando mil gracias

fin: (6:56am - December 01, 2012)

Keath: (8:54pm - October 08, 2012)
This clock is all that and a bag of chips!LOL! Thanks for thinking about the little people and keep exercising!Get it in yall!

Franko: (1:33am - September 23, 2012)
Is this a good workout?:

Pushups 30 seconds
15 seconds rest
Plank Rows 30 seconds
15 second rest
Drop Squats 30 second
15 second rest
Jump Lunges
15 second rest

JC NYC: (7:39pm - September 06, 2012)
Thanks for sharing. :) Very nice!

gonzalo: (1:21pm - July 23, 2012)
me gusta este reloj, pero me gustaria tenerlo offline... como lo bajo...

Ana: (10:37am - July 16, 2012)
Como lo bajo para usarlo offline ??

@Esther: (5:25pm - June 23, 2012)
Hey esther, do you want tabata timer as iPhone app?
There are many good tabata timer apps in the app store.
Check this out.

ex-fat: (10:13am - June 16, 2012)
Thanks a lot.

RONY: (1:39pm - June 12, 2012)
how many time is good to do tabata training..5 time on week or less

eva: (11:10am - June 11, 2012)
thank you:-)

Randidi: (3:23pm - June 10, 2012)
Thank you sooo much for the free timer :) I used to have to constantly look at my phone when doing HIIT workouts and when i finally found this for free i was ecstatic! thank you!!!!

Mir: (1:39pm - June 08, 2012)
Thanks so much for the MP3, now I'm no more confined indoor!!!

Guamese: (8:46pm - April 27, 2012)
I have no excuse now. This Tobata workout is perfect for me.I love it.

Esther: (11:57am - April 22, 2012)
I really like the MP3 Tabata music but I'm having trouble downloading it onto my iPod. Anyone have it in iTunes?

mara: (6:43am - April 19, 2012)
I just tried this interval timer and is really awesomeee, it really helps and makes my workout easier for me ;-)

Jessica: (5:58pm - April 16, 2012)
I use this all the time and I love it so much!

Hakeem: (3:31am - April 11, 2012)
how do you put music over the tabata timer ? I am using windows 7

Rubi: (9:54pm - April 10, 2012)
Thank you very much for this free interval timer, I have used it for 1 1/2 years and I think it is the best interval timer.

j23: (6:12pm - April 10, 2012)
Awesome mixes! Thank you so much!

swirlstar: (11:05pm - April 01, 2012)
LOVE THIS!!! SUPER WHAT I NEEDED THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!! ;) sooo excited to work out! i just wanna work out!

K8: (5:29am - March 28, 2012)
thank you thank you! I tried making my own mixes and they were time consuming and failed miserably! thanks!!!!

Goce: (5:44pm - March 21, 2012)
Best timer ever! Too bad another one is turning up higher on google now. But I still prefer this one, gives me more power :) THANKS!

Juan: (12:12am - March 17, 2012)
I love this timer!

Jordan: (12:46am - March 13, 2012)
Good software,thanks.

Allison: (9:06am - March 10, 2012)
Thanks for the timer!

Kev. M: (7:13pm - March 08, 2012)
Nice additions, im on em. Little quick tip for beginners like me. Mountain Climbers work well with this.

Zak A: (10:47am - February 25, 2012)
Thanks for this clock.
God among men !

Luis: (6:12pm - February 23, 2012)
Thank you for this clock! :D

evil: (11:25pm - February 19, 2012)

Vero K: (11:23am - February 09, 2012)
Interval Timer is the best

naor: (1:53am - January 30, 2012)
very good thanks for timer

SZhovkliy: (2:14pm - January 26, 2012)
Ha Ha Ha we do this all the time during class

sooriyakumaran: (3:31am - January 19, 2012)
good idea

Pablo04: (9:42am - January 13, 2012)
Thank you so much for this interval timer, I have been looking for a long time in all the internet, and finally found one that is usefull.

Tamara: (4:30am - January 10, 2012)
How can I download just the interval timer into my Ipod????

Val: (6:16am - January 09, 2012)
I like the "Katr Tabata Timer" for my 'droid. I use it to keep my timing while doing tabata cardio. I've tried some of the others, but I think the one from KATR Software is the simplest and easiest to use. And I can still hear my music.

Ruth: (10:52pm - January 04, 2012)
just tried doing a set of tabata - resting in the hole, its as hard as it looks in the video, but I did it. bet I will be sore tomorrow

GW: (7:18am - December 11, 2011)
You can use this clock offline. Download the link, download free Adobe Flash player. If you have a old laptop or use a tablet w/o wifi. Open IE, then open the saved link (tabata clock v3.15) the clock will be ready to go.

Lulu: (2:25am - December 10, 2011)
Perfect! Now I just need a Symbian version :/

Thrasheri: (9:32am - July 20, 2011)
Hi if you need timer for android phone check out this one :

mogl: (6:50am - July 09, 2011)
ATTN. Elliot (Tabata Admin):
I love this clock!! I use it every day. I hope you will fix a couple of glitches. Per an earlier email ....

This clock is great! Thank you. But I think there is a glitch.
In case of confusion, a Definition of Terms Follows.

I click "INCLUDE FINAL REST" but it never does. There is cheering at the end of the final 20 seconds OFF. No final rest. I want the final REST so I can time my recovery heart rate after 1:00.

The 60 second REST BETWEEN is after and in addition to the final 20 seconds OFF at the end of each tabata. It should not be.
So ... after the 8th 20 sec ON, there is a SINGLE PULSE and 10 sec OFF followed by a TRIPLE PULSE and an additional 60 sec REST, or 70 seconds of rest with a second needless bell.

[TABATA THIS] asks me to choose a REST period. [TABATA] does not, but it asks me if I want to include the rest period? I would like to be able to SELECT and INCLUDE the final rest in both so I can record my recovery heart rate.

[TABATA] = a single set of 8 "ROUNDS"
Includes 20 seconds "ON" and 10 seconds"OFF"
[TABATA THIS] = selected number of 8 ROUNDS
Includes 20 ON, 10 OFF and 60 seconds of "REST" between.
"FIGHT BELL" to start 20 seconds ON
"SINGLE PULSE" indicates 10 seconds OFF
"TRIPLE PULSE" indicates 60 second REST between.

Thank you again for the clock.

PS: Below the clock, you included the following: "To download for offline use, right click this link and choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...". But this does not work. I get and error message that says "This file does not have a program associated with it ..." and none of my AV files will make it work. I have a standard 2-year old windows set-up.

I hope this info is helpful.

Ross Rogers: (10:45am - July 07, 2011)
I should like to make a shameless plug. I have a tabata soundtrack generator that can be used to create any HIIT interval timing sequence here:

Thrasheri: (10:44pm - May 16, 2011)
Nice one i made my own tabata timer, because i didnt like your interface. check it out at :


Lhazc: (4:53pm - April 22, 2011)
really slacked off over the past couple of months from Tabatas and Road Cycling, whew Im glad to be back!! mixing the Tabata clock with my Pandora Motorhead station makes for an awesome workout!! Thanks Guys!!

you sin lee: (10:04am - April 05, 2011)
shut up push up !!
go go go !!

jdhawg: (10:51am - March 31, 2011)
Why can't i download the clock for off line use.

Polyphemus: (12:28pm - March 27, 2011)
Great tool. Its bad that one cannot program the length of the initial countdown. 3 seconds is not enough time to be ready for the first interval. I add a set 'for nothing' at the beginning, but this makes for some difficulty keeping track of hard sets.

Yo, check it! (please?): (11:00pm - March 09, 2011)
Someone mentioned they downloaded this for their 1st gen ipod. Would anyone happen to know if I can download the actual app and put it on the 4th gen ipod nano? Or would it have to be the mp3?

Bára Bergmann: (10:58am - March 05, 2011)

Heybro: (12:56pm - February 08, 2011)
yo, bro, could you make an application for iphone? i love that

edys: (11:00pm - February 04, 2011)
i hope i can!

Skid: (7:35am - January 31, 2011)
@Eugene. There's loads of android timers. My favorite is HIIT Interval but just do a search on market.

Eugene: (9:19pm - January 24, 2011)
Can you guys make an Android app for this. I love the sounds and the picture that comes up. -_-;

Lindsay: (1:40pm - January 24, 2011)
Thank you guys SO much... these downloads will definately take my workouts up a NOTCH! :)

Julie: (7:34pm - January 17, 2011)
This is just what I need to kick my butt in to touch! So many timers are fo iPhones or iPod touch, so this is perfect for my gen1 iPod nano. Old skool, bring it on

A. W.: (10:56am - January 13, 2011)
This is the only thing I could find to help count reps! I searched for two hours!

Joseph: (7:11am - January 13, 2011)
I am so glad I found this site! I uploaded it onto my phone and use it in the gym! This is just so great!

Torrey: (7:39pm - December 30, 2010)
sixtimesthree, all you have to do to get more time is switch your on/off intervals so that your rest is actually in the "on" spot. That'll start your first interval with your rest time. So if you're doing 10 seconds resting, 30 seconds on, that'll give you 10 extra seconds at the beginning to get to your station instead of just the 3.

Steve Paul: (2:25pm - December 22, 2010)
This is a great clock for a Crossfit gym. You can changes up the timer values to do fight gone bad, 20/20, etc. I love it!

One thing to make it even better would be to give 'count-up' and 'count-down' buttons in addition to the 'tabata' and 'tabata this' buttons

Henry: (11:29am - December 19, 2010)
Great timer, thanks!

Tony: (6:48pm - December 09, 2010)
Very good indeed,thanks so much.

Bobby: (7:36pm - December 02, 2010)
This is the best tabata timer i found online... thanks a lot guys!

Mai: (2:34pm - December 01, 2010)
I love this web. I use the tabata timer every day but I done some modifications for a harder workout. Thanks guys!

Will: (11:58pm - November 24, 2010)
I suppose the resting part is easier if you have full flexibility and and 3rd world squat comfortably.

Mike: (4:18am - November 02, 2010)
I can downlaod the offline vrsion, but when I try to open it, my computer says that I don't have the correct program. I have Adobe flash player installed. Any ideas? Otherwise, great timer. Thanks!

xedd: (9:12pm - November 01, 2010)
This is great, man. But I'm a non-tech guy. I only know how to use this in my laptop. How can I use this without the laptop, like at the gym or outdoor? Thanks in advanced! :)

tightass hutchleitner@hotmailxom: (8:54pm - October 30, 2010)
chibatta with butter, ya baby

BikiniMommy: (11:42am - October 25, 2010)
Thanks for the timer! Wow that squat workout looks intense i'm gonna have to try it :D

Brent: (5:03pm - October 23, 2010)
I thought Tabata was Thabata Stevens from Bewitched. I will try the workout though....

Matt: (1:53pm - October 15, 2010)
Nice and funny!

tanya: (11:34am - October 12, 2010)

Shat: (1:37pm - September 17, 2010)
Tabata - 8 rounds, 20 on, 10 off (English Man).mp3 Countdown every transition.

Gradle: (1:19pm - September 14, 2010)
Just what I needed

sixtimesthree: (10:52pm - September 09, 2010)
This timer is great. I just have one suggestion in case it hasn't been mentioned below. If you could add an option for a delay at the start that would give more then 3 seconds to get to the first workstation before the tabata starts. I find it just barely gives me enough time to get set up and I end up missing the first couple seconds of the first round. Other then that I think it is perfect. Nice and simple to use. Oh and if it could be ported over to blackberry that would be great :-)

Maysam: (3:47pm - September 02, 2010)
This timer is amazing it helped a lot THANK YOU!!

Eileen: (2:04am - September 02, 2010)
Thanks so much! Have started Tabatas and weight interval training and this timer is FANTASTIC!! Meeeaaauuuw!

Samuel: (7:15pm - September 01, 2010)
Yes!!! I've been needing a good interval timer for so long-
I'm so thankful for this!

gwen: (10:44pm - August 16, 2010)
Thank you very much for this incredible interval timer! I've been searching for it online and I am so glad that I finally found it! I have already downloaded it to my PC! :D thank you ones again!!!!!

Karrie: (7:31am - August 08, 2010)
Love this timer! I've been doing Tabata intervals consistently for the past three weeks with a variety of exercises and I feel incredible. It's also improved my running time. Love and live Tabata!

Per Dun: (6:38am - August 08, 2010)

AppTastic: (8:18am - August 04, 2010)

Brian: (7:57am - August 01, 2010)
Does anyone know of an iphone app that does this?

Jas: (7:13am - July 30, 2010)
I did this with Kettlebell swings after my upper body M/E. Right now I cannot walk straight, and I have the same feeling I got when I drank tequila in college (somewhere between feeling great and about to puke).

Mo: (3:06am - July 17, 2010)
This is really a wonderfull timer. It would be really greate if this timer is put into Flash Lite format so it can be run on mobile phones.

Max: (8:15pm - July 15, 2010)
I tried tabata with squats, push-ups, sit-ups and mountain climber....bah!! awesome workout!! will definitely do it again!

Me: (7:42pm - July 15, 2010)
Love it! much more fun than just running for 20 mins..
i do the 20 min twice a day everyday
and seems to be good.

Clemens: (2:52pm - July 13, 2010)
yea, it is fun, but i guess not everyone would do it a second time after trying.
myself i am now in a good (personal) rhythm: every second day 2 times the 4 minutes with a kettlebell exercise.

melissza092: (2:48am - July 12, 2010)
I would like to do exercises for my but. but i don't know what is the best.What do you recommend?:)

mel: (1:54am - July 01, 2010)
this is amazing, I can't wait to try this. I can really feel the burn just watching this.

Ricardo: (11:41pm - June 25, 2010)
The Song Mixes makes tabata real fun. Thanks a lot this is what I was looking for so long.

McBooCzech: (3:37pm - June 23, 2010)
Hi, the time is not acurate (circa 1 sec. for 20 sec interval). i know it is not a big issue, but anyway... :D What about the source code? can you provide it? Is it possible to have countdown display instead of increasing time?

Sunshine: (12:20pm - June 22, 2010)
I love this Tabata thing! It's only my 2nd day and it kicks my behind! I would love to have the Tabata This track without the cues just to pop in my CD player in my car. Is that a possibility? ; )

Adek: (10:08am - June 03, 2010)
That's the thing i've been lookin' for ! Thanks a lot, great job ! Hey guys how about your results ? Do you have lower %bf ?

Lupo: (9:59am - May 31, 2010)
Awesome! Now I don't have an excuse for not doing tabata WODs alone.

Sam L: (1:34pm - April 10, 2010)
Great, Thank you

mike: (8:22pm - April 05, 2010)
this is a tabata timer

tabata timer have numbers

Eduard Hogel ( NL ): (6:30am - April 03, 2010)
Sweeeetttt !!!!!!

David: (11:24am - March 29, 2010)
Warning! This Tabata Clock is under some circumstances up to 3,5 seconds slow every minute when I use my laptop, Chrome and wireless network! Check on your computer before you use it!
No problems when I use the offline mode.

kuanti: (9:59am - March 29, 2010)
This is an excellent flash utility.

IronFreak: (8:57am - March 05, 2010)
Great method !

dude: (5:07pm - February 14, 2010)
i like this one because i don't speak german

hiheyho: (1:21am - February 12, 2010)
ye is good stuff :)

MbibA: (8:23am - February 05, 2010)
My favourite, the german Counter

K&R: (1:02am - December 03, 2009)
Our fav online clock - many thanks!

Nathan: (9:44pm - August 17, 2009)
There are some good tabata timers at

mart: (1:21pm - August 17, 2009)
zajebista stronka tabata jest wypas

jimmy biffell: (9:25pm - August 02, 2009)
awesome website good stuff.

AB: (2:20pm - June 20, 2009)
I really like how effective and efficient this process is and can be modified for any health level. PLUS it sparks my competitive engine

Soli: (6:35am - June 16, 2009)
Could you maybe include a free to choose warmup phase after which the tabata cycles start automatically? I don't want to step off the elliptical to start the timer after warming up.

Pete: (8:23am - June 06, 2009)
I really like the clock, I use it every day. Thanks very much!
I have 2 suggestion/questions though:
1. Is there a way to remove the sound of the animal at the end (when workout complete)?
2. It'd be nice if the countdown could start from 5 (or from any number) .

Legal Offices of (name here): (10:32am - June 03, 2009)
I can't believe you idiots are using copyright protected material. Did you pay to license these songs? Idiots. By the way- your timers AND tracks suck!

miao: (7:04pm - June 01, 2009)
Thanks! I use this every other day

Tim: (7:42am - May 25, 2009)
you should add a meta description tag to this page. If you look at your page in google search results it's showing someone's iphone comment as a summary of your site.

Will: (5:07pm - May 21, 2009)
Nice, simple to use timer!

Malcolm: (9:12am - May 17, 2009)
I let my wife try the Tabata Interval. She is in a wheelchair and she has a recumbent machine that is called NuStep. She loves the track Dellish. Overall, this takes fitness to another level. Tabata is better than your basic 30 minute cardio session.

Al: (7:15pm - May 06, 2009)
everything hurts right now

Chris: (2:51am - May 03, 2009)
damn, this hurts,

hurts sooooo good ;-)

Awesome: (1:21pm - April 30, 2009)
This timer's great. I'm going to start using it every day.

It would be cool to get a volume control for the audio so it can be adjusted relative to music I'm also playing through my computer speakers.

Tim: (5:48pm - April 29, 2009)
Like your timer, here's anothrr good one :

AMAZING: (10:26pm - April 26, 2009)
YES! What a great timer. I love the Linkin Park one. Perfect.

A Fan: (3:18pm - April 21, 2009)
Started the workout. I alternate. One day cardio only, burpees and jumping jacks. Other day,muscle stuff, pushups and situps. awesome workout. What is your tabata workout?

Carl: (3:50pm - April 20, 2009)
Thanks alot very good clock and I love the optional music

Bill Johnson: (10:10pm - April 15, 2009)
You can find a Tabata Timer for your iPhone or iPod Touch at . It has visual as well as auditory cues so that you can watch or listen for your activity and rest periods. If you are listening to music on your device, the sound cues will overlay your music.

Naomi: (7:51am - March 30, 2009)
Tabata clock is AWESOME!! Many thanks

TD: (6:01am - March 27, 2009)
Okay am I just ipod challenged? how do I get the timer on the music I want to work out to?

E.J.: (2:40pm - March 24, 2009)
Feel the burn hahaha it's awesome!!

DA: (9:14pm - March 21, 2009)
I combined Tabata training with my weight training in the gym. I usually train with 45 lb plate but with tabata i hardly can train with 10 lb. Thx for the tabata clock. it kills

Angie Cupp: (2:44pm - March 20, 2009)
I love these MP3 downloads. My question is there any way there could be longer version tabata, say 50 seconds on with 10 secs rest?

Jeff: (11:35pm - March 18, 2009)
Awesome timer. On "Tabata This" function, if you set number of rounds to 3, rest time between rounds to 60, rounds per tabata to 5, and rounds to 60 seconds on 0 secondss off it is set up for fight gone bad.

Matt Charney: (6:52am - March 14, 2009)
Love the timer, thanks for hosting this.

Can you give us another option. Count down only before the work phase. I like doing this when I want a maximal effort every time and not scoring with the lowest rep count. When counting total reps I have had better success without the warning before rest periods. Output all the way to the buzzer.


Jessica: (11:27am - March 08, 2009)
It sounds like they're dying:)

NeilD: (10:51am - March 07, 2009)
glad the tigers back! lol

Rick: (12:44pm - March 04, 2009)
Great stuff. My S&C students are going to rock this.

It is now numero uno on my Ipod.

Stewart Scott: (5:20pm - February 27, 2009)
Fantastic. Thanx

rachel: (11:12am - February 26, 2009)
a few minutes of this makes me feel much more workout than an hour of walking. thanks a bunch.

Anon: (8:39am - February 26, 2009)
Thanks a lot for putting this together!

sablue: (3:45pm - February 24, 2009)
Really wish this could be brought to the android os (G1)phone

Asim: (12:28pm - February 08, 2009)
AWESOME!! Thanks Elliot. I am gonna start using it today.

Elliot (Tabata Admin): (7:06pm - February 05, 2009)
UPDATE** Tabata Clock v3.15: Two new checkbox options available.

Countdown every transition: This will sound the "3-2-1" countdown voice before every "stop," "go," and "rest." Instead of only once at the begein, or before each tabata in Tabata This mode. *(requested by Asim)

Include last rest: This will count out the last rest period for when you are doing something like bottom to bottom tabata squats, or anything else where you're still doing something during the rest and don't want the clock to stop early.

damon: (2:47pm - February 05, 2009)
hahaha! this is gold im going to use this for all my home tabata workouts

Asim: (11:20am - February 04, 2009)
Thanks Elliot. Of all the Tabata timers out there, I like this one the best.

Personally I liked it when the voice mentioned how many seconds were left. When we did the Tabata in the gym, the coach was telling us in advance how many seconds were left so that we had an idea of how long to go.

Neil: (10:39am - February 03, 2009)
Thanks a load for upping this guys, brilliant facility use it all the time!

Elliot (Tabata Admin): (8:17pm - January 31, 2009)
Asim, good idea. I had the 3-2-1 on every transition in a previous version, but I thought it got too repetitive and annoying, so I took it out. But the best would probably to give users the option between the two. I'll add that into the next update.

jesse: (9:29am - January 31, 2009)
Thanks for putting this together.

Asim: (11:02pm - January 30, 2009)
It would be great if you guys can add the 3-2-1 Go at the end of the rest period as well as 3-2-1 Stop at the end of each interval.

This will give the excerciser a better idea of what to expect.

Tim: (9:21pm - January 30, 2009)
Nice work!

LAWL: (2:34am - January 30, 2009)
This is awesome! (2:28am - January 30, 2009)
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